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Firearm Safety

posted Sep 6, 2013, 11:18 AM by Justin Eberly   [ updated Sep 6, 2013, 11:18 AM ]

As autumn begins to set in, the opening of various hunting seasons open across the Commonwealth.

 A 2012 report from the Pennsylvania Game Commission indicates that hunting has been exhibiting record-breaking safety statistics

. The latest study on hunter-related shooting incidents in Pennsylvania presents an absence of fatalities in 2012.  "Pennsylvania Game Commission spokesman Travis Lau says there were 33 non-fatal shooting incidents, which is a decline from the previous year.  'It was in 1915 when we started to record the number of shooting incidents that related to discharge of a firearm while hunting and trapping,' Lau says. 'This is the first time ever that we've had zero fatalities in a year.'"

Silver Spring Ambulance would like to take this opportunity to remind hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to wear "blaze orange" attire while in hunting territory.

We would also like to encourage all gun owners to ensure their firearms are safety stored and handled.    In light of a recent incident in the southern-end of Cumberland County, we would like to encourage all parents possessing firearms to educate their children in firearm safety.   Below are a few informative sources to reference:

Fluorescent Orange Requirements.pdf