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Misting Fans Purchased

posted Jul 11, 2017, 12:36 PM by Admin 72

With the warmest days of the summer yet to come, Silver Spring Ambulance and Rescue Association recently purchased three new misting fans, for the purpose of fire scene rehabilitation. 

These battery-powered fans will operate up to three hours on a single charge and connect either to a five gallon bucket or to a garden hose.  With overexertion and medical emergencies showing as one of the leading causes of death to firefighters, Silver Spring Ambulance and Rescue Association takes seriously its responsibility to provide support and rehabilitation to firefighters at the scene of emergencies.  The new misting fans will not only offer welcome relief to firefighters at  a scene, but will also assist EMS  by helping to create a common gathering point for firefighters in need of rehabilitation.  The misting fans were purchased at the beginning of summer and one will be kept on each of SSARA's ambulances.