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New Emergency Information Programs Available!

posted Nov 9, 2012, 2:44 PM by Admin 72   [ updated Nov 28, 2012, 8:17 AM by Justin Eberly ]

Two new programs were unveiled by Governor Tom Corbett recently.   Silver Spring Ambulance & Rescue Association will be assisting to promote and provide information to our community about these life saving programs.

Yellow Dot participants fill out a form including emergency contact information, medical contact, and medical history. The form, to be placed into a yellow envelope, that is to be placed in the vehicle glove box of their vehicle. A yellow sticker placed on the rear window, will let first responders know that this information is available in the glove box.   This information is critical and provide first responders with valuable information in an emergency situation.  For more information, contact our Training & Community Education Coordinator or log onto:

Emergency Contact Information program allows Pennsylvania driver's license or PennDOT-issued identification card holders to log onto a secure database and list two emergency contacts.   This information is able to be accessed by law enforcement officials, in the event of an emergency.

For more information and to sign up fore the Emergency Contact Information program, visit and click on the program icon.