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O'Neill Speaks on Enterovirus

posted Sep 30, 2014, 6:48 AM by Justin Eberly   [ updated Sep 30, 2014, 6:49 AM ]
An article on Cumberlink featured our agency medical director, Dr. Rory O'Neill, discussing the Enterovirus.   O'Neill practices at All Better Care Urgent Care Center and other mid-state hospital emergency departments.

“I haven’t heard of a confirmed case here in Pennsylvania, but there’s a pretty good shot that the enterovirus D68 is here,”

“The real difference with the D68 strain as compared to any other causes of the common cold is that this seems to affect children a little bit more than usual, and it seems to cause more hospitalizations than have been seen in the past,”

“The main thing to look out for is, is this child or adult really struggling to breath?”