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Snow Removal

posted Nov 25, 2014, 10:39 AM by Justin Eberly   [ updated Nov 25, 2014, 10:39 AM ]
In anticipation of winter weather, additional provisions are prepared on the local emergency management level ensure adequate staffing of emergency apparatus.   Silver Spring Ambulance coordinates with the local Emergency Management Coordinator and the Silver Spring Emergency Management Council to ensure the citizens of our primary service area receive quality service despite winter weather conditions.

Part of our preparedness begins with the cooperation of our residents.   The township has a snow policy to allow for timely snow re
moval and emergency response.   Please review this policy and the recent revisions.
    The following Snow Policy was adopted at the November 12, 2014 Board of Supervisors Meeting.
    • Avoid parking vehicles on Township roads and cul-de-sacs when a storm is anticipated.
    • Plowing will begin when snow reaches 3" in depth or conditions warrant.
    • Crews will concentrate on keeping the major Township roads open during the storm and open secondary and neighborhood roads with a pass in each direction when conditions permit.
    • After the storm has passed crews will plow all Township roads curb to curb.
    • Silver Spring Township does not replace mailboxes if snow from the plow damages them.

    Residents are asked to help in the following ways:
    • When clearing driveways during the storm place snow on the lower end of your driveway so crews do not plow it back into your driveway. After the storm when crews are clearing roads curb to curb .you may still get snow back into your driveway. The amount will vary on the depth of the snow and is unavoidable.
    • Do not throw snow back on to roads as per Ordinance No. 10 2011, Section 2.
    • Clear snow from fire hydrants to ensure quick fire protection.
    • Place trash and recycling containers in your driveways.
    • Move basketball hoops behind the curb to prevent a hazard to snow equipment.

    Three conditions when a snow emergency can be declared:
    1. By the Board of Supervisors, when 8 or more inches of snow is predicted.
    2. By the Governor's Office.
    3. By the County.

    During a snow emergency, all vehicles must be removed from roads and cul-de-sacs. Travel will be limited to vehicles equipped with four wheel drive, snow tires, or chains.

    Township personnel that are deemed nonessential during hazardous winter conditions will be advised by the Township Manager to not report to work or sent home early if the work day has already begun.