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~ Required Clearances (Volunteer)

Report of Criminal History
Pennsylvania State Police (PSP)

Please request your Report of Criminal History online.  Download the free report for volunteer purposes.  Submit via email to: volunteer@silverspringambulance.com.

Child Abuse History Clearance 
Department of Human Services

Please create an individual account and request your PA Child Abuse History Clearance online from the link below: 

Utilize the designated payment code, which is single-use and specifically assigned to you.   If you have not received a payment code, please contact the officer or recruiter that arranged your interview.   Download the report.   Submit via email to: volunteer@silverspringambulance.com.

FBI Criminal History Clearance
Department of Human Services

Volunteers who have resided in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years are not required to submit this clearance.   A Disclosure Statement Application may be required in lieu of the Fingerprint based FBI Clearance:

Cost: $25.75 (fee available for reimbursement upon probationary membership acceptance)

Scan and submit the clearance via email to: volunteer@silverspringambulance.com.